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About Me

I have always had an innate passion for cooking. I was blessed enough to grow up with my Nonna who lived across the road, and cooking was the be all and end all of her day to day life, as it was my mother’s also. Preparing a meal for the family was done with such pride and love that I soon realised that those two KEY ingredients were essential for any GOOD, wholesome and taste driven requirement for what would be a triumphant success at the dinner table. Being that the dinner table was what grounded and bonded the family unit. It was the beginning of understanding; it was the basis of love and it was the foundation of our family values. How can this be so important you may ask? It was!!! It just absolutely was!! I would watch my mother and Grandmother cook away. I would soon take these culinary processes and implement them and my two key ingredients to create for my loved ones a meal to attach to a table conversation that would in some way become a memory.

I want this to be a value that I feel so emotionally attached to and make this my mantra for all families; to unite, to show love and presence and to be heard by the people that you are sharing your table with. I feel such an emotional attachment to this that to share this and contribute would be a blessing and a reassembling of communication that in today’s world, I feel we have somewhat lost.

From my table to yours I invite you to my culinary delights and pray it blesses your family home as it did for me in my tender youth and beyond.

My Food

Homemade Italian food, from my dinner table to yours. Traditional Family recipes and some new yummy flavours made with nothing but LOVE.

Homemade By Kathy Criniti, is my way of sharing my story with you, hoping that you and your loved ones experience your own special memories around the dinner table just as I have with mine.

Fresh frozen food, delivered to your freezer for your dinner table. Made by me Kathy Criniti, for you!

My Ingredients

My ingredients would make any Nonna proud. I know my Nonna would be looking down from heaven saying, “this isa my recipe, Katerina, she cooks exactly like me, her Nonna, bounissima mia”……..

My lamb & beef is sourced form the Riverina region and is of the highest quality cuts. My chicken is fresh, as is my produce and all are sourced locally.

The time spent preparing the dishes are all from me in the kitchen, nothing is part cooked as with other delivery service compeitiors. I prepare it, I cook it (slow cook it) and add my ingredient of LOVE to EVERY DISH.

My Mission

Metaphorcally bring you to my dinner table by delivering the freshest frozen family meals to your door. To invite you to my honest, authentic and lovely prepared food, that will warm your tummies and fill the hearts of your loved ones.

To give you all an insight to Kathy Crinitis food journey and join me as I pay homage to my ancestors food traditions as well as curating beautiful new culinary delights that will be sure to please any dinner table guest.

From my dinner table to yours, Buon appeteie.